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The Future of the Smartwatch



We are currently in the prime months of 2016, where we are on the edge of numerous releases of highly anticipated smartwatches. 2015 was the year of innovation and creating smartwatches that could do more, last longer, and have chic appearances that developers have been trying to nail down. smartwatch0While the smartwatches of 2015 such as the Samsung Gear S2, Motorola “Moto” 360, Pebble, and the Apple Watch were a huge success, not every aspect was perfect.

2016 is the year of fixing last year’s issues, responding to users’ ideas, and creating better smartwatches that can offer users more with better connectivity and more features. Style, too, is a huge point that developers have been hinging on. Designs of the newest of smartwatches are intended to separate themselves from the competition and offer users different choices and even customization that they did not have before. (more…)

Why Buy a Smartwatch



Some people are immediately attached to technology, while others shy away from it. But one question that is being asked with the advancement of technology is: Why buy a smartwatch?


Smartwatches have become more convenient and useful in today’s world than ever before. With busy lifestyles, kids, business calls, inter-connectivity, sharing of information, and modern communication, smartwatches offer a way to always keep in touch with your family, friends, work, and even keep you in touch with your fitness. (more…)

Old Watches Worth Big Bucks



The world of vintage watches has taken its place today where many people who understand the pieces are looking left and right for them. Below are some of the best old watches worth big bucks. The price tends to vary due to the dial and the housing case.Click here for more.


The HEUER Bundeswehr fly back chronographrw8hm9


This is a time piece fly back that was designed for the military back in the day. The fact that it was for militia, makes it to be manufactured with a design and purpose in the mind thus bearing total stoutness. Recently it has found its place in the hands of pilots where almost every pilot owns the chronograph. In the market today, you shall find the watch going for $3000 to $4000 depending on the condition.


Smartwatches and What They Can Do



A smart watch is an electronic gadget that is wearable on your wrists. After the smartphones and tablets, smartwatches are rocking in the world of technology. The market and demand for smartwatches are growing rapidly especially with big companies like Sony in the market. Apple and Google are also expected to step in the market with more advanced smartwatches. Smartwatches have new features such like the Android operating system. Smartwatches with intelligent features add convenience to your life. They are classic and bring about personal style.7700-a3b8fbadb1247b03f49dde61b6eb29d7-1449243366-4su4-full-width-inline


What smartwatches can do


– Smartwatches will notify you when you receive a text message or a call on your phone.


– They can perform tasks such as playing music; you only need to customize your smartwatch with the Android app.


– Smartwatches will notify you of updates on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.


– They can also update and keep you posted on weather updates. (more…)

Spotting a fake watch – protect yourself from being cheated.



Have you’ve ever wanted to get yourself a high-quality, brand-new watch from one of the top watchmaking companies? Unfortunately, for an average person, a high-end watch is still a dream, as the best Swiss watches may cost tens of thousands of dollars – no wonder that more and more people started looking forward to deals over the Internet, outside of the official distribution chain. Sadly, most of the time they are wasting money, because what they get, didn’t even stand close to a genuine watch.Spotting-Fake-Top-Luxury-Watch-Brands-Infographic


The Best Budget Smartwatches on The Market Today


One of the most fascinating gadgets anyone can own is a smart watch. With the launch of the Apple SportWatch, many people are upturning their pockets in a bid to take advantage of this launch. But with the lowest model costing $349 dollars, some of us who are working on a budget may be left in the cold. The good news is that there are several other high-quality models that offer more or less the same features, with a good deal of compatibility. Read on to find out more on the best budget smartwatches to date.Here is another great site for awesome reviews and buying guides and best budget smartwatches . Click Here.

#Timex Intelligent Quartz Flyback Chronographtimex-silver-blue-intelligent-quartz-fly-back-chronograph-watch-silver-product-0-091296264-normal


The Top Online Watch Sites



Finding a great online watch site is very important if you are planning on spending big money on a timepiece. Nobody wants to receive an inferior product, a fake, or a timepiece that is not in the condition promised. This makes researching the best online websites for researching and purchasing timepieces the most important part of the buying process.



Trustworthiness, professionalism, product accuracy, product variety, reliability, excellent customer support, fair pricing, and genuine stock are just some of the aspects to look for in a great watch website. Brand name watch makers from Omega, Breitling, Rolex, Bulgari, Michael Kors, TAG Heuer, Panerai, Patek Philippe, and even Movado, Casio, Timex and Fossil, will have their own reliable retail websites.


Celebrities and the Watches They Wear


Celebrities are often the fashion standard for what we all wear and do for fun. The fans love to immolate what jewelry and clothing that is being worn on the red carpet. Even time pieces are important to fans as they watch carefully from photogs to keep up with the latest watches the celebs are sporting these days.



Celebrities have very expensive tastes and it shows in their time pieces. a7a1e82911e8a418e5f0dab1f6839f03Brad Pitt is often seen wearing Patek Philippe time pieces around the paparazzi. He also loves to sport Rolexes and GMT Master II. Angelina Jolie loves time pieces as well sporting her own Patek Philippe Nautilus for photogs in their engagement pictures.



The Best Watch Brands for 2016



The best watches for 2016 are some pretty innovative styles.. The newest styles are some of the most beautiful time pieces available. Here are a few just for the taste of this year’s best time pieces available out there for purchase.Click here for some more top smartwact brand of 2016.







This new representation from a classic brand is a gorgeous and sleek time piece with all the bells and whistles. It is considered one of the best this year to
sport everywhere from dining out to casual fun.